AutomadClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Automad class includes all methods and properties regarding the site, structure and pages.
Cache::automadObjectCacheIsApproved() — Method in class Cache
Verify if the cached version of the Automad object is existing and still up to date.
Parse::allowedFileTypes() — Method in class Parse
Return an array with the allowed file types.
Resolve::absoluteUrlToRoot() — Method in class Resolve
Resolve absolute URLs (starting with a slash) to root in case Automad is installed within a subdirectory.
AccountsClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Accounts class provides all methods for creating and loading user accounts.
Accounts::add() — Method in class Accounts
Add user account based on $_POST.
AboutClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The about modal.
Content::addPage() — Method in class Content
Add page based on $_POST.
FileSystem::appendSuffixToPath() — Method in class FileSystem
Append a suffix to a path just before the trailing slash.
FileSystem::appendSuffixToTitle() — Method in class FileSystem
Open a data text file under the given path, read the data, append a suffix to the title variable and write back the data.
Prefix::attributes() — Method in class Prefix
Replace the prefixes of UIkit classes and data attributes in a string.


ButtonsClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The buttons block.
BlocksClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Blocks class.
Toolbox::breadcrumbs() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate breadcrumbs to the current page, if the page's level is > 0 (not homepage / search results / page not found).
BarClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Fullscreen
The fullscreen bar component.
BlockSnippetArraysClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Header
The block snippet arrays as JS variable.
BreadcrumbsClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Nav
The breadcrumb component.
ButtonClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Status
The status button component.


CodeClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The code block.
Paragraph::classAttr() — Method in class Paragraph
Return a class attribute for the wrapping block element.
$Automad#ContextProperty in class Automad
Automad's Context object.
Automad::currentPageExists() — Method in class Automad
Tests wheter the currently requested page actually exists and is not an error page.
CacheClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Cache class holds all methods for evaluating, reading and writing the HTML output and the Automad object from/to AM_DIR_CACHE.
Cache::clear() — Method in class Cache
Clearing the cache is done by simply setting the stored Site's mTime to the current timestamp.
ConfigClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Config class.
ContextClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Context represents the current page within statements (loops) or just the requested page.
Debug::consoleLog() — Method in class Debug
Stop timer, calculate execution time, get user & server constants and return a console log item for every item in the buffer array.
Filelist::config() — Method in class Filelist
Configure the filelist.
Pagelist::config() — Method in class Pagelist
Set or change the configuration of the pagelist and return the current configuration as array.
Parse::caption() — Method in class Parse
Read a file's caption file and parse contained markdown syntax.
Parse::csv() — Method in class Parse
Split and trim comma separated string.
$Regex#charClassTextFileVariablesProperty in class Regex
The character class to be used within a regex matching all allowed characters for variable names within .txt files.
$Regex#charClassAllVariablesProperty in class Regex
The character class to be used within a regex matching all allowed characters for all kine of variable names (content in .txt files, system variables ( :var ) and query string items ( ?var )).
Regex::csv() — Method in class Regex
Return a regex to match a sequence of comma separated values or variables.
CheckboxHiddenClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The checkbox component to hide a page.
CheckboxPrivateClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The checkbox component to make a page private.
CopyResizedClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The copy resized modal component.
CacheClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The cache system setting component.
ContentClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Content class provides all methods to add, modify, move or delete content (pages, shared data and files).
Content::copyResized() — Method in class Content
Copy an image resized based on $_POST.
FileSystem::copyPageFiles() — Method in class FileSystem
Unlike FileSystem::movePageDir(), this method only copies all files within a page directory without (!) any subdirectories.
InPage::createUI() — Method in class InPage
Process the page markup and inject all needed GUI markup if an user is logged in.
User::changePassword() — Method in class User
Change the password of the currently logged in user based on $_POST.
ComposerClass in namespace Automad\System
The Composer class is a wrapper for setting up Composer and executing commands.


DelimiterClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The delimiter block.
DebugClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Debug class holds all methods to help debugging while development.
FileSystem::deleteFile() — Method in class FileSystem
Delete a file.
$Page#dataProperty in class Page
The $data array holds all the information stored as "key: value" in the text file and some other system generated information (:path, :level, :template .
$Shared#dataProperty in class Shared
The shared data array.
Str::dateFormat() — Method in class Str
Change format of a given date, optionally according to locale settings.
Str::def() — Method in class Str
Set a default value for $str in case $str is empty.
Accounts::delete() — Method in class Accounts
Delete one ore more user accounts.
DebugClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The debug system setting component.
Content::deleteFiles() — Method in class Content
Delete files.
Content::deletePage() — Method in class Content
Delete page based on $_POST.
Content::duplicatePage() — Method in class Content
Duplicate a page based on $_POST.
DashboardClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Dashboard class loads the required dashboard elements for the requested context.
FileSystem::deleteMedia() — Method in class FileSystem
Deletes a file and its caption (if existing).
$Theme#dataProperty in class Theme
Theme data.


EmbedClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The embed block.
$Blocks#extensionAssetsProperty in class Blocks
Multidimensional array of collected extension assets grouped by type (CSS/JS).
Debug::errorReporting() — Method in class Debug
Enable full error reporting, when debugging is enabled.
ExtensionClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Extension class provides an interface for calling an extension from a template file.
Regex::expression() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex pattern for a single expression.
Selection::excludeCurrent() — Method in class Selection
Exclude the current page from the selection.
Selection::excludePage() — Method in class Selection
Remove a page from the selection.
Str::escape() — Method in class Str
Escapes a string to be used safely in a JSON string.
$View#extensionAssetsProperty in class View
Multidimensional array of collected extension assets grouped by type (CSS/JS).
EditorTextModulesClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Header
The block editor text modules as JS variable.
EditClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\InPage
The in-page edit component.
EditConfigClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The config file edit modal.
EditFileInfoClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The file edit modal component.
Content::editFileInfo() — Method in class Content
Edit file information (file name and caption) based on $_POST.
Content::extractPrefixFromPath() — Method in class Content
Extract the deepest directory's prefix from a given path.
Text::e() — Method in class Text
Short version of echo Text::get().


FilelistClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The filelist block.
FileSystemClass in namespace Automad\Core
The FileSystem class.
FilelistClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Filelist object represents a set of files based on a file pattern depending on the current context.
$Image#fileProperty in class Image
The filename of generated image.
Parse::fileDeclaration() — Method in class Parse
Parse a file declaration string where multiple glob patterns or URLs can be separated by a comma and return an array with the resolved/downloaded file paths.
Parse::fileIsImage() — Method in class Parse
Parse a filename to check whether a file is an image or not.
Resolve::filePath() — Method in class Resolve
Resolve a file path or glob pattern according to its type (root relative or relative).
Selection::filterBreadcrumbs() — Method in class Selection
Collect all pages along a given URL.
Selection::filterByParentUrl() — Method in class Selection
Filter $this->selection by relative url of the parent page.
Selection::filterByTag() — Method in class Selection
Filter $this->selection by tag.
Selection::filterByTemplate() — Method in class Selection
Filter $this->selection by template. A regex can be used as filter string.
Selection::filterByKeywords() — Method in class Selection
Filter $this->selection by multiple keywords (a search string), if $str is not empty.
Selection::filterPrevAndNextToUrl() — Method in class Selection
Filter out the non-hidden neighbors (previous and next page) to the passed URL.
Selection::filterRelated() — Method in class Selection
Filter all pages having one or more tag in common with $Page. If there are not tags defined for the passed page, the selection will be an empty array. (no tags = no related pages)
Str::findFirstImage() — Method in class Str
Find the URL of the first image within rendered HTML markup.
Str::findFirstParagraph() — Method in class Str
Find the first paragraph in rendered HTML and return its inner HTML.
Toolbox::filelist() — Method in class Toolbox
Configure the filelist to be used in foreach loops.
FileClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Card
The file card component.
FieldClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The form field component.
FieldHiddenClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The hidden form field component.
FilesClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Grid
The file grid component.
FileSystemClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The FileSystem class provides all methods related to file system operations.
FileSystem::fullPagePath() — Method in class FileSystem
Get the full file system path for the given path.
Keys::filterTextKeys() — Method in class Keys
Get text variable keys from an array of keys.
Keys::filterColorKeys() — Method in class Keys
Get color variable keys from an array of keys.
Keys::filterSettingKeys() — Method in class Keys
Get settings variable keys from an array of keys.


GalleryClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The gallery block.
Automad::getCollection() — Method in class Automad
Return $collection array.
Automad::getPage() — Method in class Automad
If existing, return the page object for the passed relative URL.
Automad::getFilelist() — Method in class Automad
Return Automad's instance of the Filelist class and create instance when accessed for the first time.
Automad::getPagelist() — Method in class Automad
Return Automad's instance of the Pagelist class and create instance when accessed for the first time.
Cache::getSiteMTime() — Method in class Cache
Get an array of all subdirectories and all files under /pages, /shared, /themes and /config (and the version.php) and determine the latest mtime among all these items.
Context::get() — Method in class Context
Return $Page.
Debug::getLog() — Method in class Debug
Return the buffer array.
Extension::getAssets() — Method in class Extension
Return an array of assets of the extension.
Extension::getOutput() — Method in class Extension
Return the output of the extension.
FileSystem::getExtension() — Method in class FileSystem
Return the extension for a given file.
FileSystem::getImageExtensionFromMimeType() — Method in class FileSystem
Get file extension for images based on mime types.
FileSystem::getTmpDir() — Method in class FileSystem
Return the path of the temp dir if it is writable by the webserver.
FileSystem::glob() — Method in class FileSystem
A wrapper for PHP's built-in glob function.
FileSystem::globGrep() — Method in class FileSystem
Find files by using the glob() method and filter the resulting array by a regex pattern.
Filelist::getFiles() — Method in class Filelist
Return the files array.
Headless::getTemplate() — Method in class Headless
Checks whether a custom headless template exists and returns its path.
Page::get() — Method in class Page
Return requested data - from the page data array, from the shared data array or as generated system variable.
Page::getMtime() — Method in class Page
Get the modification time/date of the page.
Page::getTemplate() — Method in class Page
Return the template of the page.
Pagelist::getDefaults() — Method in class Pagelist
Return the default options array.
Pagelist::getTags() — Method in class Pagelist
Return all tags from all pages in $relevant as array.
Pagelist::getPages() — Method in class Pagelist
The final set of Page objects - filtered.
Pagelist::getPaginationCount() — Method in class Pagelist
Calculate the number of pages of the pagination.
RemoteFile::getLocalCopy() — Method in class RemoteFile
Returns the local copy's path.
Runtime::get() — Method in class Runtime
Return the requested runtime variable.
Selection::getSelection() — Method in class Selection
Return the array with the selected (filtered and sorted) pages.
SessionData::get() — Method in class SessionData
Get the session data array or just one value in case $key is defined.
Shared::get() — Method in class Shared
Return requested value.
Accounts::generatePHP() — Method in class Accounts
Generate the PHP code for the accounts file. Basically the code returns the unserialized serialized array with all users.
Accounts::get() — Method in class Accounts
Get the accounts array by including the accounts PHP file.
GroupClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The form group component.
Content::getPageFilePath() — Method in class Content
Return the full file system path of a page's data file.
Content::getPathByPostUrl() — Method in class Content
Return the file system path for the directory of a page based on $_POST['url'].
Content::getSearchResults() — Method in class Content
Get results for a search query from $_GET. In case there is only one match, redirect to the edit page for that URL.
FileSystem::getPackagesDirectoryItems() — Method in class FileSystem
Get all items in the packages directory, optionally filtered by a regex string.
PackageManager::getPackages() — Method in class PackageManager
Get a list of theme packages available on Packagist where the installed ones are at the beginning.
Text::get() — Method in class Text
Return the requested text module.
Text::getObject() — Method in class Text
Return the modules as object to be used in heredoc strings.
Text::getEditorModules() — Method in class Text
Return array only including editor text modlues.
Theme::getMask() — Method in class Theme
Get the UI mask (page or shared) for hiding variables in the dashboard.
Theme::getTooltip() — Method in class Theme
Return the tooltip for the requested variable name (key in the data array).
Themelist::getThemeByKey() — Method in class Themelist
Get the theme object by the key in the themelist array corresponding to the AM_KEY_THEME variable.
Themelist::getThemes() — Method in class Themelist
Return the Theme objects array.
User::get() — Method in class User
Return the currently logged in user.
Packagist::getPackages() — Method in class Packagist
Get a list op packages from Packagist filtered by type and tag.
Update::getVersion() — Method in class Update
Download version file and extract version number.


HeaderClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The header block.
HeadlessClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Headless class provides helpers for the headless mode.
$Image#heightProperty in class Image
The height of the generated image.
HeadlessClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The headless system setting component.
HeadlessClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The GUI\Headless class provides helpers for the headless mode and extends the Core\Headless class.


ImageClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The image block.
Blocks::injectAssets() — Method in class Blocks
Inject block assets into the header of a page.
FileSystem::isAllowedFileType() — Method in class FileSystem
Tests if a string is a file name with an allowed file extension.
ImageClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Image object represents a resized (and cropped) copy of a given image.
Page::isCurrent() — Method in class Page
Check if page is the current page.
Page::isInCurrentPath() — Method in class Page
Check if the page URL is a part the current page's URL.
Regex::inPageEditButton() — Method in class Regex
Return regex to match any temporary in-page edit button.
Toolbox::img() — Method in class Toolbox
Place an image.
View::interpret() — Method in class View
Process the full markup - variables, includes, methods and other constructs.
Accounts::install() — Method in class Accounts
Install the first user account.
ImportClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The import file form URL modal component.
Content::import() — Method in class Content
Import file from URL based on $_POST.
Content::inPageEdit() — Method in class Content
Handle AJAX request for editing a data variable in-page context.
InPageClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The InPage class provides all methods related to edit content directly in the page.
InPage::injectTemporaryEditButton() — Method in class InPage
Inject a temporary markup for an edit button.
Keys::inCurrentTemplate() — Method in class Keys
Find all variable keys in the currently used template and all included snippets (and ignore those keys in $this->reserved).
Keys::inTemplate() — Method in class Keys
Find all variable keys in a template and all included snippets (and ignore those keys in $this->reserved).
Keys::inTheme() — Method in class Keys
Find all variable keys in templates of a given theme.


Parse::jsonOptions() — Method in class Parse
Parse a (dirty) JSON string and return an associative, filtered array


Regex::keyValue() — Method in class Regex
Return a regex pattern to match key/value pairs in an invalid JSON string without valid quoting/escaping.
KeysClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Keys class provides all methods to search all kind of content variables (keys of the data array) used in templates.


ListsClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The list block.
Automad::loadTemplate() — Method in class Automad
Load and buffer a template file and return its content as string. The Automad object gets passed as parameter to be available for all plain PHP within the included file.
Debug::log() — Method in class Debug
Log any kind of variable and append it to the $buffer array.
$Regex#logicalOperatorProperty in class Regex
Logical operand "and" or "or".
LinkClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Autocomplete
The autocomplete JSON data for links component.
Field::labelFromKey() — Method in class Field
Convert camel case key into a human readable label.
LoadingClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components
The loading spinner component.
LogoClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components
The Logo class handles the loading of the Automad logo and the headless indicator.
LinkClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The link modal component.
LanguageClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The language system setting component.
FileSystem::listDirectoryRecursively() — Method in class FileSystem
Recursively list all items in a directory.
Headless::loadTemplate() — Method in class Headless
Get the content of the template in use.
User::login() — Method in class User
Verify login information based on $_POST.
User::logout() — Method in class User
Log out user.


MailClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The mail block.
FileSystem::makeDir() — Method in class FileSystem
Create directory if not existing.
Regex::markup() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex to match any kind of Automad markup such as variables, toolbox methods, includes, extensions, snippets, loops and conditions.
Selection::match() — Method in class Selection
While iterating a set of variable/regex combinations in $options, all pages where a given variable is not matching its assigned regex are removed from the selection.
Str::markdown() — Method in class Str
Parse a markdown string. Optionally skip parsing in case $str is a single line string.
Str::match() — Method in class Str
Perform a regex match.
View::mergeExtensionAssets() — Method in class View
Merge given assets with $this->extensionAssets.
Content::movePage() — Method in class Content
Move a page based on $_POST.
FileSystem::movePageDir() — Method in class FileSystem
Move a directory to a new location.
MailClass in namespace Automad\System
The mail class.


FileSystem::normalizeSlashes() — Method in class FileSystem
Replace all backslashes in a given path with forward slashes.
$Regex#numberProperty in class Regex
Number (integer and float).
Toolbox::nav() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate a list for the navigation below a given URL.
Toolbox::navChildren() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate a list for the navigation below the current page.
Toolbox::navSiblings() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate a list for the navigation below the current page's parent.
Toolbox::navTop() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate a list for the navigation at the top level including the home page (level 0 & 1).
Toolbox::navTree() — Method in class Toolbox
Generate full navigation tree.
Toolbox::newPagelist() — Method in class Toolbox
Alias for calling the pagelist() method with the default options merged with the specified ones to override all previous configurations.


Config::overrides() — Method in class Config
Define constants based on the configuration array.
$Image#originalWidthProperty in class Image
The width of the source image.
$Image#originalHeightProperty in class Image
The height of the source image.
$Regex#outerStatementMarkerProperty in class Regex
The outer statement marker helps to distinguish all outer wrapping statements from the inner statements.
Regex::operand() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex to match one operand of an expression.
View::obfuscateEmails() — Method in class View
Obfuscate all stand-alone eMail addresses matched in $str.
$Dashboard#outputProperty in class Dashboard
The GUI's buffered HTML.


PagelistClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The pagelist block.
ParagraphClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The paragraph block.
Cache::pageCacheIsApproved() — Method in class Cache
Verify if the cached version of the visited page is existing and still up to date.
PageClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Page class holds all properties and methods of a single page.
PagelistClass in namespace Automad\Core
A Pagelist object represents a set of Page objects (matching certain criterias).
ParseClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Parse class holds all parsing methods.
PipeClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Pipe class handles the chain of processes to manipulate variable values.
Pipe::process() — Method in class Pipe
Processes an array of functions applied to a given value.
Regex::pipe() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex for a piped string function or math operation of content variables.
Request::page() — Method in class Request
Return the URL of the currently requested page.
Request::post() — Method in class Request
Return value by key in the $_POST array or any empty string, if that key doesn't exist.
Toolbox::pagelist() — Method in class Toolbox
Change of configuration for Automad's Pagelist object.
Accounts::passwordHash() — Method in class Accounts
Create hash from password to store in accounts.txt.
Accounts::passwordVerified() — Method in class Accounts
Verify if a password matches its hashed version.
PackageClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Card
The package card component.
PageClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Card
The page card component.
PagesClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Grid
The page grid component.
FileSystem::purgeCache() — Method in class FileSystem
Move all items in /cache to the PHP temp directory.
PackageManagerClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The PackageManager class provides all methods required by the dashboard to manage packages.
PrefixClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Prefix class provides helper to use standard UIkit classes without needing to prefix them manually to avoid conflicts (in page editing).
Text::parseModules() — Method in class Text
Parse the text modules file and store all modules in Text::$modules.
PackagistClass in namespace Automad\System
The Packagist class handles all requests to the Packagist API.


QuoteClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The quote block.
Request::query() — Method in class Request
Return a sanitized value of a query string parameter or any empty string, if that parameter doesn't exist.
Toolbox::queryStringMerge() — Method in class Toolbox
Merge passed key-value pairs ($options) with current query string.


Buttons::render() — Method in class Buttons
Render a buttons block.
Code::render() — Method in class Code
Render a code block.
Delimiter::render() — Method in class Delimiter
Render a delimiter block.
Embed::render() — Method in class Embed
Render a embed block.
Filelist::render() — Method in class Filelist
Render a filelist block.
Gallery::render() — Method in class Gallery
Render a gallery block.
Header::render() — Method in class Header
Render a header block.
Image::render() — Method in class Image
Render an image block.
Lists::render() — Method in class Lists
Render a list block.
Mail::render() — Method in class Mail
Render a mail form block.
Pagelist::render() — Method in class Pagelist
Render a pagelist block.
Paragraph::render() — Method in class Paragraph
Render a paragraph block.
Quote::render() — Method in class Quote
Render a quote block.
RawClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The raw HTML and markdown block.
Raw::render() — Method in class Raw
Render a raw block.
Section::render() — Method in class Section
Render a section editor block.
Slider::render() — Method in class Slider
Render a slider block.
Snippet::render() — Method in class Snippet
Render a snippet block.
Table::render() — Method in class Table
Render a table block.
Toc::render() — Method in class Toc
Render a toc block.
Blocks::render() — Method in class Blocks
Render blocks created by the EditorJS block editor.
Cache::readPageFromCache() — Method in class Cache
Read the rendered page from the cached version.
Cache::readAutomadObjectFromCache() — Method in class Cache
Read (unserialize) the Automad object from $this->objectCacheFile and update the context to the requested page.
Config::read() — Method in class Config
Read configuration overrides as JSON string form PHP or JSON file and decode the returned string. Note that now the configuration is stored in PHP files instead of JSON files to make it less easy to access from outside.
RegexClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Regex class holds all methods relating regular expressions.
RemoteFileClass in namespace Automad\Core
The remote file class.
RequestClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Request class.
ResolveClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Resolve class holds all methods to modulate URLs and file paths.
Resolve::relativeUrlToBase() — Method in class Resolve
Resolve relative URLs (starting with a character or .) to be absolute URLs, using the base directory (where Automad is installed) as root.
RuntimeClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Runtime class handles all variables generated during runtime.
Str::replace() — Method in class Str
Search and replace by regex.
Toolbox::redirect() — Method in class Toolbox
Redirect page.
View::resizeImages() — Method in class View
Resize any image in the output in case it has a specified size as query string like for example "/shared/image.jpg?200x200".
View::resolveUrls() — Method in class View
Find and resolve URLs using the specified resolving method and parameters.
View::render() — Method in class View
Render the current page.
ThemeReadme::render() — Method in class ThemeReadme
Render a theme readme alert box.
Link::render() — Method in class Link
Return a JSON formatted string to be used as autocomplete infomation in a link field.
Search::render() — Method in class Search
Return a JSON formatted string to be used as autocomplete infomation in a search field.
File::render() — Method in class File
Render a file card.
Package::render() — Method in class Package
Render a package card.
Page::render() — Method in class Page
Render a page card.
Theme::render() — Method in class Theme
Render a theme card.
CheckboxHidden::render() — Method in class CheckboxHidden
Create a checkbox to hide a page.
CheckboxPrivate::render() — Method in class CheckboxPrivate
Create a checkbox to make a page private.
Field::render() — Method in class Field
Create a form field depending on the name.
FieldHidden::render() — Method in class FieldHidden
Create a hidden form field.
Group::render() — Method in class Group
Create form fields for page/shared variables.
Search::render() — Method in class Search
Create a search field.
Select::render() — Method in class Select
Create a select button.
SelectImage::render() — Method in class SelectImage
Create an image selection panel.
SelectTemplate::render() — Method in class SelectTemplate
Create a select box containing all installed themes/templates to be included in a HTML form.
Bar::render() — Method in class Bar
Create the fullscreen bar markup.
Files::render() — Method in class Files
Create a grid based file list for the given array of files.
Pages::render() — Method in class Pages
Create a grid based page list for the given array of pages.
BlockSnippetArrays::render() — Method in class BlockSnippetArrays
Return a script tag to define the block snippet arrays for the block editor.
EditorTextModules::render() — Method in class EditorTextModules
Return a script tag to define the translated text modules for the block editor.
Edit::render() — Method in class Edit
Create in-page edit field.
Loading::render() — Method in class Loading
Create loading icon.
Logo::render() — Method in class Logo
Return the Automad logo and if the headless mode is enabled also the headless indicator.
About::render() — Method in class About
Renders the about modal.
CopyResized::render() — Method in class CopyResized
Create the copy resized modal dialog.
EditConfig::render() — Method in class EditConfig
Renders the config file edit modal.
EditFileInfo::render() — Method in class EditFileInfo
Create the file edit modal dialog.
Import::render() — Method in class Import
Create the import modal dialog.
Link::render() — Method in class Link
Create the modal dialog for adding links.
ReadmeClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The readme modal component.
Readme::render() — Method in class Readme
Create the readme modal dialog.
SelectImage::render() — Method in class SelectImage
Create the modal dialog for selecting images.
Upload::render() — Method in class Upload
Create the upload modal dialog.
Breadcrumbs::render() — Method in class Breadcrumbs
Create a breadcrumb navigation based on $_GET.
SiteTree::render() — Method in class SiteTree
Create recursive site tree for editing a page.
Switcher::render() — Method in class Switcher
Create a sticky switcher menu with an optional dropdown menu.
Button::render() — Method in class Button
Create a status button for an AJAX status request with loading animation.
ResponseClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Status
The status response component.
Response::render() — Method in class Response
Get the current status response of a given system item or packages.
Span::render() — Method in class Span
Create a span for an AJAX status request.
Cache::render() — Method in class Cache
Renders the cache component.
Debug::render() — Method in class Debug
Renders the debug component.
Headless::render() — Method in class Headless
Renders the headless component.
Language::render() — Method in class Language
Renders the language component.
Update::render() — Method in class Update
Renders the update component.
Users::render() — Method in class Users
Renders the users component.
FileSystem::renameMedia() — Method in class FileSystem
Renames a file and its caption (if existing).
Headless::resetTemplate() — Method in class Headless
Reset the headless template by deleting the custom template file.
$Keys#reservedProperty in class Keys
Array with reserved variable keys.
Composer::run() — Method in class Composer
Run a given Composer command.
Update::run() — Method in class Update
Run the actual update.


SectionClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The section editor block.
SliderClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The slider block.
SnippetClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The snippet block.
$Automad#SharedProperty in class Automad
Automad's Shared object.
Config::set() — Method in class Config
Define constant, if not defined already.
Context::set() — Method in class Context
Set the context.
$Page#SharedProperty in class Page
The Shared data object.
Runtime::set() — Method in class Runtime
Set a runtime variable.
Runtime::shelve() — Method in class Runtime
Get the $data array to be shelved and restored at a later point.
SelectionClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Selection class holds all methods to filter and sort the collection of pages and return them as a new selection.
Selection::sortPages() — Method in class Selection
Sorts $this->selection based on a sorting options string.
SessionDataClass in namespace Automad\Core
The SessionData class handles setting and getting items of $_SESSION['data'].
SessionData::set() — Method in class SessionData
Set a key/value pair in the session data array.
SharedClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Shared class represents a collection of all shared site-wide data.
Shared::set() — Method in class Shared
Set key/value pair in data.
SitemapClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Sitemap class handles the generating process for a site's sitemap.xml.
StrClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Str class holds all string methods.
Str::sanitize() — Method in class Str
Cleans up a string to be used as URL, directory or file name.
Str::shorten() — Method in class Str
Shortens a string keeping full words. Note that this method also first strips all tags from the given string.
Str::stripEnd() — Method in class Str
Strip substring from end of string.
Str::stripStart() — Method in class Str
Strip substring from start of string.
Str::stripTags() — Method in class Str
Removes all HTML and Markdown (!) tags.
Toolbox::set() — Method in class Toolbox
Set shared or session data variables by passing an array of key/value pairs.
SearchClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Autocomplete
The autocomplete JSON data for search component.
SearchClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The search field component.
SelectClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The select button component.
SelectImageClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The select image input field component.
SelectTemplateClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Form
The template selection component.
SelectImageClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The select image modal component.
SiteTreeClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Nav
The site tree component.
SwitcherClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Nav
The switcher component.
SpanClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Status
The status span component.
Content::savePage() — Method in class Content
Save a page.
Content::saveSharedData() — Method in class Content
Save shared data.
Mail::send() — Method in class Mail
Send mail.
Update::supported() — Method in class Update
Test if the server supports all required functions.


TableClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The table block.
TocClass in namespace Automad\Blocks
The table of contents block.
$Page#tagsProperty in class Page
The $tags get also extracted from the text file (see $data).
Parse::textFile() — Method in class Parse
Loads and parses a text file.
ToolboxClass in namespace Automad\Core
The Toolbox class holds all methods to be used within the template files.
ThemeReadmeClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Alert
The theme readme alert component.
ThemeClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Card
The theme card component.
Prefix::tags() — Method in class Prefix
Search for HTML tags in a string and replace the prefixes of UIkit classes and data attributes.
TextClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Text class provides all methods related to the text modules used in the GUI.
ThemeClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Theme class.
ThemelistClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The Themelist class.


Runtime::unshelve() — Method in class Runtime
Restore shelved $data array by replacing it with the passed $shelf array.
UploadClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\Modal
The upload modal component.
UpdateClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The update system setting component.
UsersClass in namespace Automad\GUI\Components\System
The users system setting component.
Content::upload() — Method in class Content
Upload handler based on $_POST and $_FILES.
FileSystem::uniquePathSuffix() — Method in class FileSystem
Creates an unique suffix for a path to avoid conflicts with existing directories.
UserClass in namespace Automad\GUI
The User class provides all methods related to a user account.
UpdateClass in namespace Automad\System
The Update class handles the process of updating Automad using the dashboard.


Regex::value() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex to match a single function parameter (pipe).
Regex::variable() — Method in class Regex
Return the regex for content variables.
Regex::variableKeyGUI() — Method in class Regex
A simplified pattern to match all used variable names in a template (GUI).
ViewClass in namespace Automad\Core
The View class holds all methods to render the current page using a template file.


Cache::writePageToCache() — Method in class Cache
Write the rendered HTML output to the cache file.
Cache::writeAutomadObjectToCache() — Method in class Cache
Write (serialize) the Automad object to $this->objectCacheFile.
Config::write() — Method in class Config
Write the configuration file.
FileSystem::write() — Method in class FileSystem
Write content to a file and create the parent directory if needed.
$Image#widthProperty in class Image
The width of the generated image.
Accounts::write() — Method in class Accounts
Save the accounts array as PHP to AM_FILE_ACCOUNTS.
FileSystem::writeData() — Method in class FileSystem
Format, filter and write the data array a text file.


Automad::__construct() — Method in class Automad
Parse sitewide settings, create $collection and set the context to the currently requested page.
Automad::__sleep() — Method in class Automad
Define properties to be cached.
Automad::__wakeup() — Method in class Automad
Set new Context after being restored from cache.
Cache::__construct() — Method in class Cache
The constructor checks whether caching is enabled for the current request and determines the $pageCacheFile to make it available within the instance.
Context::__construct() — Method in class Context
The constructor.
Extension::__construct() — Method in class Extension
Create an instance of the given extension, call the extension method and look for all needed assets.
Filelist::__construct() — Method in class Filelist
The constructor.
Image::__construct() — Method in class Image
The constructor defines the main object properties from the given parameters and initiates the main methods.
Page::__construct() — Method in class Page
Set main properties.
Page::__get() — Method in class Page
Make basic data items accessible as page properties.
Pagelist::__construct() — Method in class Pagelist
Initialize the Pagelist.
RemoteFile::__construct() — Method in class RemoteFile
The constructor.
Runtime::__construct() — Method in class Runtime
The constructor.
Selection::__construct() — Method in class Selection
Pass a set of pages to $this->selection excluding all hidden pages.
Shared::__construct() — Method in class Shared
Parse the shared data file.
Sitemap::__construct() — Method in class Sitemap
The constructor verifies, whether sitemap.xml can be written and initiates the generating process.
Toolbox::__construct() — Method in class Toolbox
The Automad object is passed as an argument. It shouldn't be created again (performance).
View::__construct() — Method in class View
Define $Automad and $Page, check if the page gets redirected and get the template name.
Content::__construct() — Method in class Content
Set $this->Automad when creating an instance.
Dashboard::__construct() — Method in class Dashboard
Load the site's global data and include modules according to the current context.
InPage::__construct() — Method in class InPage
The constructor.
Theme::__construct() — Method in class Theme
The constructor.
Theme::__get() — Method in class Theme
Make theme data accessible as page properties.
Themelist::__construct() — Method in class Themelist
The constructor.
Composer::__construct() — Method in class Composer
The constructor runs the setup.