The Automad class includes all methods and properties regarding the site, structure and pages.
The Blocks class.
The Cache class holds all methods for evaluating, reading and writing the HTML output and the Automad object from/to AM_DIR_CACHE.
The Config class.
The Context represents the current page within statements (loops) or just the requested page.
The Debug class holds all methods to help debugging while development.
The Extension class provides an interface for calling an extension from a template file.
The FileSystem class.
The Filelist object represents a set of files based on a file pattern depending on the current context.
The Headless class provides helpers for the headless mode.
The Image object represents a resized (and cropped) copy of a given image.
The Page class holds all properties and methods of a single page.
A Pagelist object represents a set of Page objects (matching certain criterias).
The Parse class holds all parsing methods.
The Pipe class handles the chain of processes to manipulate variable values.
The Regex class holds all methods relating regular expressions.
The remote file class.
The Request class.
The Resolve class holds all methods to modulate URLs and file paths.
The Runtime class handles all variables generated during runtime.
The Selection class holds all methods to filter and sort the collection of pages and return them as a new selection.
The SessionData class handles setting and getting items of $_SESSION['data'].
The Shared class represents a collection of all shared site-wide data.
The Sitemap class handles the generating process for a site's sitemap.xml.
The Str class holds all string methods.
The Toolbox class holds all methods to be used within the template files.
The View class holds all methods to render the current page using a template file.