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Automad\Core\Selection Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($pages)
 excludePage ($url)
 getSelection ($excludeHidden=true, $offset=0, $limit=NULL)
 filterBreadcrumbs ($url)
 filterByParentUrl ($parent)
 filterByTag ($tag)
 filterByTemplate ($template)
 filterByKeywords ($str)
 filterPrevAndNextToUrl ($url)
 filterRelated ($Page)
 sortPagesByBasename ($order=SORT_ASC)
 sortPages ($var, $order=SORT_ASC)

Private Member Functions

 excludeHidden ()

Private Attributes

 $selection = array()

Detailed Description

The Selection class holds all methods to filter and sort the collection of pages and return them as a new selection.

Every instance can return a filtered and sorted array of pages without hurting the original Automad object. That means the Automad class object has to be created only once. To get multiple different (sorted and filtered) collections, this class can be used by just passing the collection array.

All the filter function directly modify $this->selection. After all modifications to that selection, it can be returned once by $this->getSelection().

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MIT license -

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Automad\Core\Selection::__construct (   $pages)

Pass a set of pages to $this->selection excluding all hidden pages.

array$pages(normally Automad::getCollection() or any other selection array)

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Member Function Documentation

Automad\Core\Selection::excludeHidden ( )

Exclude all hidden pages from the selection.

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Automad\Core\Selection::excludePage (   $url)

Remove a page from the selection.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterBreadcrumbs (   $url)

Collect all pages along a given URL.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterByKeywords (   $str)

Filter $this->selection by multiple keywords (a search string), if $str is not empty.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterByParentUrl (   $parent)

Filter $this->selection by relative url of the parent page.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterByTag (   $tag)

Filter $this->selection by tag.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterByTemplate (   $template)

Filter $this->selection by a template, if $template is not empty.


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Automad\Core\Selection::filterPrevAndNextToUrl (   $url)

Filter out the neighbors (previous and next page) to the passed URL under the same parent URL.

$this->selection only holds two pages after completion with the keys ['prev'] and ['next'] instead of the URL-key. If there is only one page in the array (has no siblings), the selection will be empty. For two pages, it will only contain the ['next'] page. For more than two pages, both neighbors will be set in the selection.


Definition at line 306 of file selection.php.

Automad\Core\Selection::filterRelated (   $Page)

Filter all pages having one or more tag in common with $Page. If there are not tags defined for the passed page, the selection will be an empty array. (no tags = no related pages)


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Automad\Core\Selection::getSelection (   $excludeHidden = true,
  $offset = 0,
  $limit = NULL 

Return the array with the selected (filtered and sorted) pages.

array $this->selection

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Automad\Core\Selection::sortPages (   $var,
  $order = SORT_ASC 

Sorts $this->selection based on any variable in the text files. If the $var gets passed empty, $this->sortPagesByBasename() will be used as fallback. If a variable doesn't exist for page, that page's value in $arrayToSortBy will be set to its basename. That allows for simply sorting a selection by original order from the HTML class by passing an invalid var like "-" or "orig" etc.

string$var(any variable from a text file)
string$order(optional: SORT_ASC, SORT_DESC)

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Automad\Core\Selection::sortPagesByBasename (   $order = SORT_ASC)

Sorts the $this->selection based on the file system path's basename.

string$order(optional: SORT_ASC, SORT_DESC)

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Member Data Documentation

Automad\Core\Selection::$selection = array()

Initially holds the whole collection.

$selection is basically the internal working copy of the collection array. It can be sorted and filtered without hurting the Automad::siteCollection.

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