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Automad\Core\Resolve Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static filePath ($pagePath, $filePath)
static url ($Page, $url)

Detailed Description

The Resolve class holds all methods to modulate URLs and file paths. Since all page URLs are not URLs to real directories, all non-absolute links and file paths have to be resolved, to point to a valid location. For example a relative file name to an image wouldn't be a valid link, since the URL of the page is not the real file system path to the page's files.

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Member Function Documentation

static Automad\Core\Resolve::filePath (   $pagePath,

Resolve a file path or glob pattern according to its type (root relative or relative).

If a file path begins with a '/', it is treated like a root relative path and the only AM_BASE_DIR gets prepended. In all other cases, the full path to the page gets prepended. For example a file called 'image.jpg' becomes '/basedir/pages/pagedir/image.jpg' and '/shared/image.jpg' becomes '/basedir/shared/image.jpg'.

The resolved file path

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Referenced by Automad\Core\Parse\fileDeclaration(), and Automad\Core\Toolbox\img().

static Automad\Core\Resolve::url (   $Page,

Resolve an URL according to its type.

Absolute URLs, query strings, anchors or mails: not modified Root-relative URLs: AM_BASE_URL is prepended (and AM_INDEX in case of pages) Relative URLs: the full path gets prepended and all '../' and './' get resolved

The resolved URL

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References Automad\Core\Parse\isFileName().

Referenced by Automad\Core\Template\__construct().

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