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Automad\Core\Page Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 getTemplate ()
 isCurrent ()
 isInCurrentPath ()
 isHome ()

Public Attributes

 $data = array()
 $tags = array()

Detailed Description

The Page class holds all properties and methods of a single page. A Page object describes an entry in the collection of all pages in the Automad class. Basically the Automad object consists of many Page objects.

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Member Function Documentation

Automad\Core\Page::getTemplate ( )

Return the template of the page.

The full file system path of the template file.

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Automad\Core\Page::isCurrent ( )

Check if page is the current page.


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Automad\Core\Page::isHome ( )

Check if page is the home page.


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Automad\Core\Page::isInCurrentPath ( )

Check if the page URL is a part the current page's URL.


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Member Data Documentation

Automad\Core\Page::$data = array()

The $data array holds all the information stored as "key: value" in the text file.

The key can be everything alphanumeric as long as there is a matching var set in the template files. Out of all possible keys ther are two very special ones:

  • "title": The title of the page - will also be used for sorting
  • "tags" (or better AM_KEY_TAGS): The tags (or what ever is set in the const.php) will be extracted and stored as an array in the main properties of that page The original string will remain in the $data array for seaching

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The visibility status of a page within selections.

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The level in the folder tree.

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The relative URL of the parent page.

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The relative path in the file system.

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Automad\Core\Page::$tags = array()

The $tags get also extracted from the text file (see $data).

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The template used to render the page (just the filename of the text file without the suffix).

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The theme used to provide the template file.

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The relative URL of the page (PATH_INFO).

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